Frequently Asked Questions


Do you use certified organic and fair-trade beans?

Yes! Our roaster is as serious as it gets about sourcing practices. They have a close relationship with our coffee producing partners and pay excellent rates for premium work. They work hard to ensure that our supply chain is transparent from farm to cup. That means regular visits, implementing the latest growing techniques and equipment, and fostering long-term partnerships.

97% of our coffees are Certified Organic and/or Fair Trade. Most often, if a coffee is not certified, it is because the certification process is prohibitively expensive for a small family farm, and the family has made the decision to not undergo certification even when they utilize organic and fair trade practices


Where is Urban Ventures Coffee roasted & packaged?

We are proud to partner with B+W Specialty Coffee in Minneapolis.


How do I order Urban Ventures Coffee for my church, office or school?

Please contact us at, and we will provide you with details, pricing and marketing pieces to showcase our partnership. Once you are set up as an account, we deliver 5 days a week (Monday-Friday) to keep you well-caffeinated.


Any tips for the best cup of coffee?

KEEP IT FRESH: Buy just 2 weeks of Urban Ventures Coffee at a time. We roast locally to keep it super fresh.

STORE IT WELL: Airtight, dark, and room temp is the key. Avoid the oven, freezer, or fridge. You don't want your coffee tasting like last night's meatloaf.

GRIND YOUR BEANS: The Urban Ventures Citykid Blend is ideal for standard drip-brew coffee makers. Your grocery's grinder can help get it just right for espresso (finer grind) or French press (coarser).

MEASURE IT OUT: 1 generous tablespoon of ground Urban Ventures Coffee = 1 brimming cup of possibility!

WATER IT WELL: Coffee is 95% water, so make sure yours is tasty and cold. Try it filtered from the tap.

DRINK UP: Sip sooner rather than later. If you need to let your java sit, keep it in an insulated thermos. Coffee burners will, literally, burn your coffee. And reheated brew is just not a good idea!